Your Brick's Potential Problems in North Carolina

Your Brick's Potential   Problems in North Carolina

Brick Cleaning

Brick  Cleaning

In shady areas, brick can become covered in black or green mold growth. Being that brick is a hard surface, it requires pressure to clean. Pressure alone will not remove mold spores, which are the root of most problems.


Cleaned & Sanitized!

Cleaned &  Sanitized!

Before cleaning, we apply a strong mildewcide to the brick surface, which loosens the existing mold and prevents rapid regrowth. If the areas remain moist and shady the mold will eventually return, but the cleaning will last much longer by using mildewcides to kill mold spores.

New Construction Brick Cleaning

New Construction  Brick Cleaning

Mortar must be cleaned from new brick a few weeks after being laid. Otherwise, it hardens and becomes very difficult to remove. Mortar is removed from brick, by first applying two coats of NMD 80 detergent. In between applications, large chunks of mortar are scraped off using a blade. Then the entire surface is rinsed with high pressure. We provide new construction cleaning for residential homes and small commercial properties.


HydroClean's Brick Cleaning Solution

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Trust the Experts

Trust the Experts
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