Licensed & Insured Pressure Washing in Granite Falls, NC

Licensed & Insured Pressure Washing in Granite Falls, NC

Pressure Washing Services in Granite Falls, North Carolina

Pressure Washing Services in Granite Falls, North Carolina

House Washing

In Granite Falls, NC, HydroClean is your go-to for all pressure washing requirements. From giving a fresh look to your siding and ensuring clean gutters to rejuvenating decks and driveways, we recognize the significance of a clean and appealing home for every homeowner.

HydroClean is dedicated to reviving your home's aesthetics. We effectively remove mold from siding, eliminate streaks from gutters, and bring life back to darkened concrete, enhancing both the curb appeal and value of your residence.


Deck Washing

In Granite Falls, the sun's UV rays, coupled with mold and mildew, can leave decks and patios looking worn and faded. Regular deck cleaning not only uplifts its appearance but also extends its lifespan, whether it's a bare wood deck, a deck awaiting staining, or one that's already stained.

Cleaning wood with a pressure washer poses challenges; it's a delicate material prone to damage from high pressure and harsh chemicals. At HydroClean, we stress on a gentle, even-pressure approach to guarantee an impeccable finish.

Our services encompass cleaning untreated wood decks, previously stained or painted ones, and decks constructed of composite materials. Additionally, we handle vinyl pickets, columns, and railings.


Roof Washing

Roof discolorations from algae are a concern in Granite Falls. Cleaning asphalt shingles requires care; applying pressure, even if minimal, can dislodge shingle granules, compromising roof lifespan. At HydroClean, we specialize in a Pressure-Free Roof Cleaning method. By leveraging a potent detergent mix, we effectively eradicate the algae. Moreover, our formula contains mold-preventive agents, ensuring a long-term solution against algae resurgence. With HydroClean's services, residents can enjoy a revitalized roof appearance at a cost significantly less than shingle replacements..


Gutter Cleaning

For homeowners in Granite Falls, the upkeep of gutters and downspouts is crucial. Unattended gutters can result in overflows, leading to potential water damage, from deteriorating fascia boards to basement flooding. Ensuring the regular cleaning of your gutters safeguards your home against these water-related issues.

Whether you own a quaint one-story ranch or a sprawling multi-story residence with challenging access points, we've got you covered. Our cleaning protocol begins with the removal of leaves using leaf blowers. Subsequently, we gently rinse the gutters, making sure to clear away all residues, including shingle grit. The downspouts aren't ignored – we ensure they're blockage-free. For stubborn underground blockages, our sewer jetting tools typically do the trick. Once the cleaning is done, we rinse any debris off your home and wrap up with a meticulous outdoor cleanup.


Driveway & Concrete Cleaning

Driveways and sidewalks in Granite Falls often bear the unsightly marks of mold. Mold spores latch onto concrete, particularly in damp, shaded areas. Additionally, insufficient drainage that allows for water collection exacerbates the mold problem. Beyond mold, local tree tannins and the distinct red clay of the area can also mar the appearance of concrete surfaces.

HydroClean is poised to rejuvenate these surfaces in Granite Falls. We initiate the cleaning process with a targeted detergent mix that tackles tough grime. Our advanced surface cleaning machinery, driven by a pressure washer, then ensures a comprehensive cleanse. Once cleaned, we not only rinse the area but also apply a preventative misting solution. This step combats any lingering mold spores, making certain your concrete remains spotless for a longer duration.

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