Licensed & Insured Pressure Washing in Lenoir, NC

Licensed & Insured Pressure Washing in Lenoir, NC

Pressure Washing Services in Lenoir North Carolina

Pressure Washing Services in Lenoir North Carolina

House Washing

In Lenoir, HydroClean champions soft washing, an effective yet gentle method tailored for the diverse needs of homeowners. From rejuvenating siding to ensuring clean gutters and refreshing your decks and driveways, our emphasis is on maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of your home.

HydroClean's soft washing approach meticulously eradicates mold from siding, eliminates streaks from gutters, and revives dulled concrete, breathing life back into it. Trust us to enhance both the beauty and value of your Lenoir residence.


Deck Washing

Decks and patios in Lenoir face the brunt of the sun's UV rays, leading to fading, and are often cloaked in mold and mildew. Regular deck cleaning is essential not just for aesthetics but also to prolong the life of your wooden structures. Whether it's a raw wood deck or one prepped for staining, consistent cleaning ensures longevity and aesthetic appeal.

HydroClean understands the delicacy of wood. Excessive pressure or harsh chemicals can be detrimental. Our method uses low pressure, ensuring a smooth finish. We handle everything, from untreated wood decks to those made from composite materials, as well as vinyl fixtures, ensuring your outdoor spaces in Lenoir remain pristine.


Roof Washing

Roof discoloration in Lenoir, often attributed to pesky algae, demands a delicate cleaning touch. The utilization of pressure, even at low intensities, on asphalt shingles can inadvertently dislodge the protective shingle grit, curbing the roof's lifespan. Recognizing this, HydroClean introduces its No Pressure Roof Cleaning method, uniquely tailored for Lenoir homes.

Our approach leverages a potent detergent concoction to annihilate the algae while incorporating mold inhibitors to delay their resurgence. With this method, Lenoir residents can refresh their roofs, enhancing their home's aesthetics without the hefty price tag of shingle replacement.


Gutter Cleaning

In Lenoir, the longevity and protection of your home hinge on the upkeep of your gutters and downspouts. Overflowing gutters due to blockages can result in various water-induced damages, from the decay of fascia boards to potential basement inundations. Regular gutter cleaning is pivotal, ensuring the seamless operation of your gutters and shielding your home from these water-related issues.

Whether it's a modest one-story ranch or a grand multi-story residence with challenging access points, HydroClean handles all types of homes.

Our routine procedure involves employing leaf blowers to expel the foliage, followed by a gentle water rinse to eradicate shingle residues and miscellaneous debris from the gutters. Subsequently, we examine and clear the downspouts, confirming unobstructed water flow. For persistent subterranean blockages, our state-of-the-art sewer jetting equipment is utilized, which is proficient in resolving most obstructions. Concluding our service, we meticulously cleanse your home's exterior of any remnants and undertake a detailed cleanup of the premises.



Driveways and sidewalks in Lenoir often suffer from stubborn stains, predominantly due to mold. These spores thrive in the concrete, especially in areas with ample shade and moisture. The issue is exacerbated when poor drainage leaves puddles post-rain, creating ideal conditions for mold proliferation. Additional culprits staining the concrete are tannins from fallen leaves and the region's red clay runoff.

HydroClean is Lenoir's solution to reclaiming the original charm of driveways and sidewalks, delivering transformative results.

Our approach begins by immersing the concrete in a potent detergent mixture, targeting dirt and stubborn residues. We then use a pressure washer to apply a high-grade surface cleaner for an intensive cleanse.

Once cleaned, we ensure a thorough rinse. To conclude our procedure, we mist the refreshed concrete with a specialized solution, targeting and annihilating any residual mold spores. This meticulous process guarantees that your concrete will remain pristine for an extended period.

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