Licensed & Insured Pressure Washing in Newton, NC

Licensed & Insured Pressure Washing in Newton, NC

Pressure Washing Services in Newton North Carolina

Pressure Washing Services in Newton North Carolina

House Washing

HydroClean is the leading choice for all your pressure washing requirements in the Newton area. From revitalizing siding and gutters to rejuvenating decks and driveways, we recognize the importance of a clean and appealing home for every homeowner.

Let HydroClean transform your property. We eliminate mold from siding, erase streaks from gutters, and renew tarnished concrete. Our services enhance your home's aesthetic and boost its overall value.


Deck Washing

Decks and patios in Newton face the relentless impact of the sun's UV rays, leading to fading, while also being vulnerable to mold and mildew buildup. Regular deck cleaning isn't just about aesthetics—it's about ensuring your deck or wooden structure stands the test of time. Whether it's an untreated wood deck that needs care, preparing for a fresh stain, or ensuring the longevity of a finished deck, cleaning is paramount.

Wooden surfaces present a challenge when it comes to cleaning. They're susceptible to damage from high pressure and aggressive chemicals. At HydroClean, we emphasize the importance of a gentle yet effective low-pressure approach, guaranteeing an impeccable finish. Our services encompass cleaning a diverse range of decks—from pure wood to stained or painted surfaces, and even those crafted from composite materials. Additionally, we handle vinyl components such as pickets, columns, and railings with care and expertise.


Roof Washing

Roof algae discoloration is a prevalent issue in Newton. Cleaning asphalt shingles demands precision—using any kind of pressure can lead to the removal of shingle grit, shortening the roof's lifespan. HydroClean has pioneered a No Pressure Roof Cleaning method tailored for Newton homes. By leveraging a potent detergent mix, we effectively target and eradicate the algae, while also integrating mold inhibitors to deter rapid regrowth. This meticulous cleaning technique not only rejuvenates your roof but also offers a cost-effective alternative to shingle replacement.


Gutter Cleaning

In Newton, the consistent upkeep of gutters and downspouts is a pivotal aspect of home maintenance. Ignored, clogged gutters can spell disaster, from water damage manifesting as rotting fascia boards to even flooded basements. A routine gutter clean-up ensures they function optimally, safeguarding your home from such water-induced issues.

HydroClean is proficient in handling a variety of homes in Newton, from straightforward one-story ranch designs to towering multi-story residences with hard-to-access spots. Our trusted method involves expelling leaves using leaf blowers, followed by a detailed low-pressure water rinse to dislodge shingle grit and other remnants. Ensuring free-flowing downspouts is our next priority. For persistent subterranean blockages, our advanced sewer jetting tools come into play, successfully clearing most obstructions. Post the cleaning session, we ensure your home's surroundings are debris-free and immaculately clean.



Driveways and sidewalks in Newton frequently show signs of mold-induced stains. Mold spores, finding a home in concrete, thrive especially in damp, shaded spots. Compounding the issue is poor drainage which lets water collect, accelerating mold growth. Additionally, local elements like tannin from tree leaves and the notorious red clay can stain concrete surfaces.

Enter HydroClean: we're at the vanguard of restoring the aesthetic of Newton's stained driveways and sidewalks. Our process starts with a special detergent solution, loosening grime and dirt. This is followed by the deployment of a surface cleaner, a device backed by a pressure washer, guaranteeing an immaculate clean.

The final touch involves a thorough rinse and a misting of a specialized solution on the freshly cleaned concrete. This acts as a mold-spore assassin, ensuring your concrete remains spotless for an extended period.

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