Licensed & Insured Pressure Washing in Taylorsville, NC

Licensed & Insured Pressure Washing in Taylorsville, NC

Pressure Washing Services in Taylorsville North Carolina

Pressure Washing Services in Taylorsville North Carolina

House Washing

In Taylorsville, HydroClean is your premier choice for all pressure washing necessities. From rejuvenating siding and ensuring clear gutters to revitalizing your decks and driveways, we recognize the pride you take in a clean and aesthetically pleasing home.

With HydroClean by your side, you can witness a transformation that amplifies your property's allure. We diligently tackle mold on siding, remove unsightly streaks from gutters, and breathe new life into tarnished concrete, making it appear almost brand new. Collaborate with us to elevate both the aesthetic appeal and overall value of your Taylorsville residence.


Deck Washing

In Taylorsville, decks and patios are frequently subjected to the harshness of the sun's UV rays, leading them to fade, and are often plagued by mold and mildew. Regular deck cleaning is essential, both for preserving the natural beauty of bare wood decks and ensuring the longevity of stained or painted ones. Due to wood's sensitivity, it's imperative to avoid high-pressure washing or harsh chemicals, which can cause damage. HydroClean emphasizes a gentle, even pressure approach to maintain a pristine finish. Our expertise extends from cleaning untreated wood decks to those made of composite materials and even includes vinyl features like pickets, columns, and railings.


Roof Washing

In Taylorsville, homeowners often face the challenge of algae-streaked roofs. Cleaning asphalt shingles requires caution, as any pressure, even minimal, risks dislodging the protective shingle grit, thereby shortening the roof's lifespan. HydroClean provides a distinctive No Pressure Roof Cleaning service tailored for Taylorsville homes. Utilizing a potent detergent blend, we effectively target and eradicate algae. Additionally, our solution contains mold inhibitors, ensuring longer periods between regrowth. This process not only refreshes your roof's appearance but also offers a cost-effective alternative to shingle replacement.


Gutter Cleaning

In Taylorsville, ensuring the proper functioning of gutters and downspouts is crucial. Overlooked gutters can lead to issues like fascia board rot and basement flooding. It's imperative to have regular gutter cleaning to prevent water-related damages to your property. HydroClean specializes in handling all types of homes, from one-story ranches to multi-story residences.

Our cleaning procedure starts with using leaf blowers to clear out debris. Next, we rinse the gutters with low-pressure water to eliminate all residues, including shingle grit. We also make sure downspouts are unclogged and functioning efficiently. In the event of underground blockages, we deploy sewer jetting tools for resolution. Once done, we ensure the surrounding area is clean and free of debris.



In Taylorsville, it's not uncommon for driveways and sidewalks to bear the unsightly marks of mold growth. The mold spores thrive in the porous concrete, particularly in shaded and damp places. Poor drainage exacerbates the issue, as standing rainwater provides an ideal environment for mold proliferation. Additionally, local environmental factors, like tannin from deciduous tree leaves and the characteristic red clay runoff, can further stain the concrete.

HydroClean is here to intervene, promising to refurbish your blemished driveways and pathways to their former glory. Our approach involves a preliminary application of a tailored detergent mix, targeting the entrenched dirt and grime. This is followed by employing a state-of-the-art surface cleaner, powered by our advanced pressure washer system, ensuring an immaculate finish.

Concluding our detailed cleaning process, we diligently rinse the concrete surfaces. A finishing touch involves misting the refreshed concrete with a specialized solution, designed to eliminate any residual mold spores. This meticulous approach ensures that your concrete surfaces in Taylorsville remain pristine for an extended period.

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