Licensed & Insured Pressure Washing in Hickory, NC 1-Year Soft Wash Warranty Guaranteed!

Licensed & Insured Pressure Washing in Hickory, NC 1-Year Soft Wash Warranty Guaranteed!

If any algae grows back within a year, we will clean for FREE!

House Washing in Hickory, North Carolina

House Washing in Hickory, North Carolina

Soft Washing

The mold and algae that form on your home need two things to grow: moisture and shade. Our climate provides plenty of moisture and you'll find certain sides of your house provide the shade. Soft washing is able to remove mold and algae and does an excellent job of preventing their return.

Clean and treat algae infestations at their source

Safely clean and treat your siding, soffit, or fascia with the help of soft wash detergents. The gentle advanced formula we use on your house washes away stains along with the organisms that cause them.

Cleaned and Sanitized!

Our products will not only leave behind a clean surface but also sanitize it. This means that you'll enjoy a refreshed look that will last much longer than simple power washing.


Roof Cleaning in Hickory, North Carolina

Roof Cleaning in Hickory, North Carolina

Step 1: Has your roof lost its curb appeal?

Over the course of years, you may notice black stains and streaks on your roof. These are caused by algae that feed off lime deposits present within shingles. This kind of discoloration is especially common in any location that is shaded by trees.

Step 2: Plant and Property Protection

Our first step is to water and saturate all vegetation and parts of the home where we will be soft washing the roof. We have a tech on the ground rinsing and catching the overspray from the roof solution. These measures ensure that your plants will not be harmed by any of the cleaning solutions we use.

Step 3: Roof Soft Wash

We use our ARMA-recommended soft wash solution and gentle pressure to ensure the shingles are not damaged by pressure. The biocide kills algae at its source and produces immediate results. It also remains on the surface to keep your roof looking good for years to come!

Gutter Cleaning in Hickory, NC

Gutter Cleaning in Hickory, NC

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are an essential part of your home. When they fill with leaves or dirt, they can cause more severe problems, such as soil erosion and water infiltration in your basement. That's why we recommend having them cleaned regularly so you don't have any issues in the future.

Downspout Flushing

The professionals at Hydroclean Pressure Washing of Hickory, NC, will clean your gutters and downspouts, then flush them with water to make sure there are no clogs. We'll take apart any damaged area if needed and make the necessary repairs.

Underground Sewer Jetting

Water jetting is the process of using high-pressure water and a special nozzle to clear blockages in pipes. If your underground water drainage pipes become blocked, we can usually clear them for you. However, sometimes the pipe is broken or has some other problem that requires repair. If so, we'll be able to tell you where the problem is located so you can have an appropriate contractor address it.

Clogged gutter near roof shingles of residential house full of dried leaves and dirty need to clean-up. Blocked drain pipe on rooftop. Gutter cleaning and home maintenance concept

Gutter Guards Hickory, NC

Gutter Guards  Hickory, NC

Maximum Water Capacity

Gutter systems are specifically designed to handle the rain and funnel it down below, away from your home's foundation. Gutter guards allow them to function as designed and help you avoid the dirty work or regularly cleaning out your gutters.

Shed Clog Forming Debris

We all know that Mother Nature can be unpredictable, but you'll never have to worry about anything getting through with our Raindrop Gutter Guard protection. Made from heavy-duty materials and a solid design, these gutters are built not just for durability in case of emergencies like storms or heavy rainfalls - they're also angled. Hence, water runs smoothly down instead of pooling on top, leading to fewer clogs due to debris stuck on top.

No More Clogged Gutters

You can depend on your gutters to do what they're supposed to, which is to collect and move water away from the foundation of our homes.

Window Cleaning in Hickory, NC

Window Cleaning  in Hickory, NC

Window Cleaning

Windows are a great way to see what's happening outside, but they can quickly become dirty and hard to see through. We use the latest technology for window washing that filters tap water until it is 100% pure, which means windows dry spotless. You will always have a fantastic view of your world!

Pure Water Technology

We've got you covered with our revolutionary water spot-removing system. The minerals in your tap water need to be removed for perfect clarity, so we ensure they don't get trapped by using advanced filtration technology that'll leave nothing but purity behind.

Commercial & Residential

When you need your windows cleaned, call Hydroclean Pressure Washing of Hickory. We don't use ladders or scaffolding, which helps us avoid leaving marks behind on your building. The 36' water-fed pole allows us access from ground level up until 3rd story heights without any issues whatsoever - making this job more accessible than ever before for both homeowners and contractors alike.


Driveway Cleaning in Hickory

Driveway Cleaning  in Hickory

The Problem

The most common cause of driveway and sidewalk stains is mold. It easily grows in shady, moist areas like those with poor drainage, which leads to water puddling after a rainstorm. This creates an ideal environment for more severe molds that can't be removed by regular cleaning efforts and power washing alone.

Our Solution for Driveways and sidewalks

First, the concrete is saturated with a detergent solution to loosen the dirt and grime. Next, we use one of our powerful surface cleaners that are operated by pressure washers for efficient cleaning.

Refreshed and Sterilized

We use a special soft wash solution to clean and sanitize, ensuring that the concrete stays clean for as long as possible.

Brick Cleaning in Hickory

Brick Cleaning in Hickory

Brick Cleaning

If you want to clean your brick, then the best way is by using a pressure washer. It takes more than just power washing, however, to get it clean and keep it looking that way. Keep reading to hear about our process.

Disinfected and Purified

First, we apply a mildewcide, which loosens existing mold and prevents rapid regrowth. Especially if your brick is in a shady and moist location, you will eventually need to clean the surfaces again. But the chemicals we use do a fantastic job of keeping things looking great as long as possible.

New Construction

When new brick walls are built, excess mortar needs to be cleaned from the bricks within a few weeks of being laid. If you wait too long, it becomes tough to remove.
The procedure involves first applying two coats of heavy detergent and scraping off larger chunks of material in between coats. This is followed by thoroughly pressure washing the whole surface to rinse off any remaining residue. We provide this service for new construction in both commercial and residential settings.


Sparkling Clean, Hassle-Free:

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How are pressure washing and soft washing different?

How are pressure washing  and soft washing different?

Since our business specializes in the soft wash approach, people often ask us this question. So even though we have written a bit about this above, we will give a more complete explanation here.

Pressure washing (or power washing) is probably already familiar to you. A pressure washer is able to project water at very high pressure, which is effective for removing dirt, paint, or other kinds of debris from a surface.

A pressure washer is a great tool for many jobs, but it isn’t always your best option. For one thing, surfaces can actually be damaged by high-pressure water. This is true, for example, of asphalt shingles or wood siding. For another, water all by itself doesn’t completely get rid of things like mildew that are the source of many ugly stains on surfaces. After cleaning, these organisms can quickly grow back. Because of these two issues, DIY pressure washing doesn’t always give you the results you are looking for.

In contrast, soft washing has two advantages. First, it uses much lower pressure, which means you avoid damaging surfaces. It also uses chemicals like mildewcides that eliminate the ultimate source of the discoloration you see on exterior surfaces, resulting in a much longer-lasting clean.

We are a locally owned business that offers both soft washing and standard power washing, depending on which would be the best solution for a given job. We strive to do an outstanding job and deliver reliable service for every customer.

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