Licensed & Insured Pressure Washing in Lincolnton, NC

Licensed & Insured Pressure Washing in Lincolnton, NC

Pressure Washing Services in Lincolnton North Carolina

Pressure Washing Services in Lincolnton North Carolina

House Washing

HydroClean is your go-to for all pressure washing requirements in Lincolnton. Whether it's for pressure washing your siding, cleaning gutters, or refreshing your decks and driveways, we understand how vital a clean and presentable home is for you.

Trust HydroClean to rejuvenate your property. We expertly remove mold from siding, eliminate streaks from gutters, and bring back the original shine of your concrete surfaces. Partner with us to enhance both the appeal and value of your home.


Deck Washing

Decks and patios in Lincolnton often bear the brunt of relentless UV rays, leading to fading, while also becoming a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Regular deck cleaning not only enhances its appearance but also prolongs its lifespan. It's essential, especially if you have an untreated wood deck, are prepping for staining, or aim to prolong the life of your deck's finish.

Cleaning wood demands caution. High pressure or harsh chemicals can easily damage it. Hence, we emphasize using a gentle pressure technique to achieve a flawless finish.

At HydroClean, we cater to all types of decks – from untouched wood to previously stained or painted ones, even those crafted from composite materials. Our services also extend to vinyl components like pickets, columns, and railings.


Roof Washing

Roof discoloration from algae is a common concern in Lincolnton. However, cleaning asphalt shingles demands utmost care; applying any pressure, even at low levels, can lead to loss of shingle grit, cutting short the roof's lifespan. HydroClean introduces our No Pressure Roof Cleaning, tailored for Lincolnton homes. Using a potent detergent mix, we eliminate the algae and infuse mold inhibitors to prevent rapid regrowth. This approach provides an efficient roof cleanup, saving you from the hefty expenses of shingle replacement.


Gutter Cleaning

In Lincolnton, ensuring the proper maintenance of your gutters and downspouts is crucial for the longevity of your home. Gutter blockages can cause overflows, resulting in various problems ranging from deteriorating fascia boards to potential basement floods. It's vital to regularly clean gutters to ensure they function optimally and to safeguard your home from water-related damage.

HydroClean specializes in gutter maintenance for all types of residences in Lincolnton, be it a straightforward one-story ranch or larger multi-story homes with challenging access points. Our standard procedure includes using leaf blowers to clear out foliage, followed by a meticulous low-pressure rinse to remove shingle grit and other residues. We then ensure that downspouts are unclogged and functioning smoothly. For any underground obstructions, our team employs advanced sewer jetting techniques, which effectively resolve most blockages. Post-cleaning, we make sure to wash away any debris from your home's exterior and carry out a meticulous cleanup of the surroundings.



In Lincolnton, driveways and sidewalks often face the challenge of mold-induced staining. These mold spores take root in concrete, particularly in areas that are shaded and moist. The situation worsens when the concrete has inadequate drainage, allowing rainwater to accumulate. Additionally, the local red clay and tannin from fallen leaves can contribute to the staining.

HydroClean is at the forefront in Lincolnton, dedicated to revitalizing your tarnished driveways and pathways. Our process begins with drenching the concrete in a specialized detergent, effectively breaking down dirt and grime. Subsequently, a high-powered surface cleaner, driven by a pressure washer, is employed for thorough cleaning.

Post this comprehensive cleaning, we ensure a complete rinse of the area and treat the concrete with an advanced solution. This not only eradicates any lingering mold spores but also prolongs the cleanliness of your concrete surfaces.

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