Licensed & Insured Pressure Washing in Huntersville, NC

Licensed & Insured Pressure Washing in Huntersville, NC

Pressure Washing Services in Morganton North Carolina

Pressure Washing Services in Morganton North Carolina

For residents of Huntersville, HydroClean is your ultimate solution for all things pressure washing. From rejuvenating sidings and clearing out gutters to reviving decks and driveways, we've got you covered. We understand that as a homeowner in Huntersville, the aesthetics and cleanliness of your abode matter greatly.

Let HydroClean work its magic! We efficiently remove mold from sidings, banish streaks from gutters, and breathe life into discolored concrete, enhancing the overall allure and worth of your residence.


House Washing

  • Soft Washing

    Thanks to our region's moist atmosphere, mold and algae find refuge in your home's shaded spots. For these nuisances, shade and moisture are an invitation to thrive! Moreover, they propagate, moving from one house to another by releasing airborne spores.

  • Targeted Treatment

    Our specialized Soft Wash Detergents are designed to confront and control algae infestations, specifically targeting areas like your siding, soffit, and fascia.

  • Pristine and Hygienic!

    Choosing HydroClean doesn't just give you a spotless home; it ensures a hygienic living environment too!


Deck Washing

In Huntersville, decks and patios can show signs of wear, with sun-induced fading from harmful UV rays and unattractive accumulations of mold and mildew. Regular deck maintenance not only revitalizes its appearance but also extends its lifespan. This holds true whether you have a raw wood deck, are preparing one for staining, or are ensuring the durability of a finish post-staining.

It's crucial to note that wood poses unique cleaning challenges. The inappropriate use of high-pressure washing or aggressive chemicals can mar its surface. That's why it's vital to utilize low pressure and maintain uniform application for an even, damage-free finish.

Our expertise extends to cleaning raw wood decks, previously stained or painted ones, composite decks, and even vinyl components like pickets, columns, and railings.


Roof Washing

For those in Huntersville noticing unsightly roof algae stains, there's a safe and effective remedy. It's essential to understand that asphalt shingles must never be subjected to pressure cleaning, even at low levels. This can cause the protective shingle grit to loosen, diminishing the roof's lifespan. HydroClean introduces a 'No Pressure Roof Cleaning' method. By employing a potent detergent solution, we not only eliminate the algae but also include mold inhibitors, ensuring the algae doesn't make a swift comeback. Choosing to clean your roof is an economical alternative, saving significantly compared to the cost of shingle replacement.


Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Care & Maintenance

The health of your gutters and downspouts plays a pivotal role in preserving the integrity of your home. Without regular cleaning, blocked gutters can lead to a cascade of issues, from deteriorating fascia boards to basement flooding. Regular gutter maintenance ensures smooth operation, averting potential water damage.

Whether you own a quaint one-story ranch or a sprawling multi-story residence with hard-to-reach corners, we've got you covered.

Our comprehensive approach begins by clearing out leaves using a high-efficiency leaf blower. Following this, a gentle rinse ensures the removal of shingle grit and other residue. We then attentively flush the downspouts, verifying the unhindered flow of water. Encountering underground blockages? Our advanced sewer jetting tools typically tackle these challenges head-on. After the thorough cleaning, we ensure any debris on your home is rinsed away, and the surroundings are left spotless.


House Washing

Many of the discolorations you observe on driveways and pathways arise from mold colonization. These spores find refuge in concrete, especially in damp, shaded regions. Locations with inadequate drainage, leading to stagnant water after rainfall, can exacerbate mold issues. Moreover, concrete can also bear stains from tree tannins and the distinct red clay runoff.

HydroClean is your answer to reclaiming the pristine appearance of your driveway and sidewalks, offering transformative cleaning solutions.

Our approach begins by treating the concrete with a specially formulated detergent, aiding in the breakdown of dirt. Following this, a machine-operated surface cleaner, powered by a pressure washer, meticulously cleans the concrete surface.

Post-cleaning, we engage in a rigorous rinse of the concrete. To round off, a unique solution is misted over the freshly cleaned area to eliminate any lingering mold spores, guaranteeing your concrete remains spotless for an extended period.

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