Licensed & Insured Pressure Washing in Mooresville, NC 1-Year Soft Wash Warranty Guaranteed!

Licensed & Insured Pressure Washing in Mooresville, NC 1-Year Soft Wash Warranty Guaranteed!

If any algae grows back within a year, we will clean for FREE!

House Washing in Mooresville, North Carolina

House Washing in Mooresville, North Carolina

Looking to restore your house's curb appeal? We're experts in pressure washing and advanced, soft wash techniques that can remove unsightly stains and algae growth and restore the look of your home. Read more about the services we offer below.

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Soft Washing

In our humid environment, mold and algae readily form on the siding and other surfaces in shaded areas around your home. Algae needs two things to grow: shade and moisture! At least some areas of your home will have plenty of both.

Clean and treat algae infestations at their source

Pressure washing uses very high pressure to clean surfaces and can easily damage them. Instead, our soft wash approach uses detergents and much lower pressure to safely clean & treat algae infestation on your siding, soffit, fascia, and other surfaces of your house.

Cleaned and Sanitized!

Utilizing our soft wash & gentle rinse process, your house will not only be clean but sanitized. Killing the algae and mold that cause the problem in the first place means your house will look better for longer. We even offer a 1 year House Soft Wash Limited Warranty!


Roof Cleaning in Mooresville, North Carolina

Roof Cleaning in Mooresville, North Carolina

Step 1: Has your roof lost its curb appeal?

Around 5-10 years into the life of your roof, you will begin to notice black streaks and stains, especially on the shaded areas of the roof. This is caused by algae, which forms a black covering to protect itself from sunlight. The algae feed on the lime deposits present in the shingles. Our soft washing roof cleaning service can eliminate the algae and restore the looks of your roof.

Step 2: Plant and Property Protection

Our first step is to water and saturate all vegetation and parts of the home where we will be soft washing the roof. We have a tech on the ground rinsing and catching the overspray from the roof solution. These measures ensure that your plants will not be harmed by any of the cleaning solutions we use.

Step 3: Roof Soft Wash

Our next step is to apply our ARMA (a shingle manufacturer association) recommended soft wash solution to the roof. In contrast to a pressure washer, soft washing uses very little pressure and ensures shingles are not damaged. The biocide solution kills the roof algae at the source and produces immediate results.

Gutter Cleaning in Mooresville, NC

Gutter Cleaning in Mooresville, NC

Gutter Cleaning

Overflowing gutters can lead to soil erosion and water infiltration into your home's basement or crawlspace. Regular gutter cleaning is an important part of taking care of your home. Climbing up on a ladder and doing it yourself, however, is a big chore. Why not let us do the job for you? Our reliable service lets you stay on the ground.

Downspout Flushing

If your downspouts are clogged with debris, rainwater will overflow your gutters and end up against your foundation where you don't want it. Keeping your downspouts clear helps protect your house.

Our service begins by blowing off your roof and removing all leaves & gutter debris. Then we flush all gutters & downspouts with water to check for clogs. If clogs are found, we will take apart downspouts to clear debris.

Underground Sewer Jetting

If we find clogs in any of your underground gutter pipes, we can sewer jet them to clear blockages. This involves using high pressure water to dislodge debris in the pipes.

If an underground pipe is blocked by roots or is crushed, we can determine where the trouble spot is, allowing you to dig down to repair the problem.

Clogged gutter near roof shingles of residential house full of dried leaves and dirty need to clean-up. Blocked drain pipe on rooftop. Gutter cleaning and home maintenance concept

Gutter Guards Mooresville, NC

Gutter Guards Mooresville, NC

Maximum Water Capacity

Gutter guards keep your gutters from becoming clogged with leaves, sticks, and other debris. This means there will always be room for rainwater, so it won't overflow your gutters. This protects the foundation of your house from water damage and helps to keep moisture out of your basement.

Shed Clog Forming Debris

Our Raindrop Gutter Guard protection will keep out the big stuff while allowing everything else to wash through.

No More Clogged Gutters

Gutter guards allow your gutters to do what they are supposed to do: effectively collect and move water away from your home.

Window Cleaning in Mooresville, NC

Window Cleaning in Mooresville, NC

Window Cleaning

Windows give you a beautiful view of the outside world but can become dirty quickly, hampering your view.

Our professional services use the latest technology to clean your windows, a system that takes regular tap water and filters the water until it is 100% pure.

Pure Water Technology

The water spots left behind from window cleaning are due to minerals present in the water. Once those are filtered out the water will evaporate perfectly clear.

Our window cleaning system takes water and turns it into a dirt magnet which works better than soap and doesn't require squeegeeing afterward.

Commercial & Residential

We can safely clean windows up to the 3rd story from the ground, using our 36' water fed pole, avoiding the use of ladders that are potentially dangerous and can leave marks on your house.

On the inside of your home, we use the traditional method of scrubber and squeegee to clean your windows and brighten your view.


Driveway Pressure Washing Mooresville

Driveway Pressure  Washing Mooresville

The Problem

Most of the stains present on driveways & sidewalks are caused by mold growth. Mold spores infest the concrete and grow in shady, moist areas. If the concrete areas have poor drainage and allow water to puddle after it has rained, mold growth will be worse.

Our Solution for Driveways and sidewalks

We first saturate the concrete with a detergent solution to loosen the dirt and grime. Then we use a surface cleaner, which is a machine powered by a pressure washer to efficiently clean the concrete.

Refreshed and Sterilized

After cleaning we thoroughly rinse the concrete and mist the newly cleaned concrete with a special soft wash solution to clean and sanitize, ensuring the concrete stays looking great for as long as possible.

Brick Cleaning in Mooresville

Brick Cleaning in Mooresville

Brick Cleaning

In shady areas, brick can become covered in black or green mold growth. Since brick is a hard surface, pressure washing is an effective tool for cleaning it. However, pressure alone will not remove mold spores, which are the root of most problems. Our service goes deeper.

Disinfected and Purified

Before pressure washing, we apply a solid mildewcide to the brick surface, which loosens existing mold and prevents rapid regrowth of the mold. If the areas remain moist and shady, the mold will eventually return, but the results of the cleaning will last much longer using mildewcides to kill mold spores.

New Construction

Mortar must be cleaned from new brick a few weeks after being laid. Otherwise, it hardens and becomes very difficult to remove. Mortar is removed from brick by first applying two coats of NMD 80 detergent. Large chunks of mortar are scraped off using a blade in between applications. Then the entire surface is rinsed with a pressure washer at high pressure. We provide new construction pressure washing cleaning for residential homes and small commercial properties.


Christmas Light Installation Mooresville

Professional C9 LED Lighting

We provide Commercial Grade LED lighting with photocell timers that can be programmed to only turn on at night or for limited hours.

Photocell Timer for Power Savings!

We will begin installation in October and finish up in early December, and the lights will be taken down in January.

We may be able to order more products if demand is high. However, lighting suppliers sometimes run low on stock as we get nearer to Christmas.

Variety of Colors Available

Please call for details and to set up your free estimate!

siding cleaning dirty dirty siding clean

How are pressure washing and soft washing different?

How are pressure washing and soft washing different?

We have touched on this a bit already on this page, but we have found that, since we get this question a lot, it is helpful to give a bit fuller explanation.
Most people are familiar with pressure washing. It involves using a machine that is able to generate very high water pressure to remove dirt (or paint, or really anything) from a surface. It can be used for cleaning or for jobs like stripping paint.

While it is a useful tool for some applications, particularly when cleaning hard surfaces, it has two potential drawbacks. First, pressure washers can actually damage certain surfaces on your house (like shingles on a roof or wood siding). Second, water alone doesn't thoroughly remove things like mildew or algae that are causing discolloration. After a surface is pressure washed, they can quickly regrow. For these reasons, DIY pressure washing often doesn't achieve the best results.

Soft wash, on the other hand, has two distinctives. First, it uses lower pressure, which is gentle on surfaces. Second, it employs mildewcides and other chemicals that actually kill the organisms that are creating the problem in the first place. This means the results last a lot longer.

We at HydroClean would love to speak with you about your pressure washing needs. We are able to do both traditional pressure washing and soft washing, depending upon what is best for the situation. We pride ourselves on doing quality work at a fair price and strive to be known as the best pressure washing company in Mooresville.