About Us

About Us

Our owner Jason worked for a local gutter cleaning & pressure washing company for several years before starting his own business in 2010 after his previous employer moved out of state. Jason started out doing all jobs by himself in a small truck. Working part-time jobs until going full time 2012, Jason hired his first long-term employee over the summer of 2013.

Jason incorporated the company, registering in North Carolina in 2014, we are officially listed as HydroClean Pressure Washing Corporation.

The company has now grown to 6 full-time Technicians, 3 Territory Managers, 1 Sales Manager, 1 Office Manager, 3 company trucks, and 4 sales vehicles. Our shop is located in Bethlehem, NC, just outside of northwest Hickory.

In 2017 Jason began more extensive training and education attending industry events, conventions, and eventually joining the Conquer AGS coaching program with the goal of scaling the business to 6 company trucks and 20+ employees.

In late 2018 Jason was able to negotiate the purchase of an old fire department in Bethlehem, NC to serve as the base of operations. Our new shop has 4 garage bays, a Tech room, and upstairs offices.

HydroClean Pressure Washing has been in business for 10 years and served over 2000 customers in the Hickory area. We strive to increase our professionalism and quality of service year by year, with professionally branded trucks, uniformed employees utilizing the latest techniques and equipment to provide top-quality service to our customers.


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